Great Lakes Imperial Whirlaway

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Posted by mike ( on March 29, 2005 at 20:09:05:

I was wondering about this rod & reel, when I searched out the name Great Lakes products inc, Lexington Mich. Imperial, and it's patent# 2,783.952 the name Whirlaway keeps comming up But nowhere on the rod or reel does it say is a copperish brown rod and the reel you can see through it to see the line plus a crome piece under that and below thatit has settings: OFF, LIGHT, MEDIUM, TROLL, HEAVY and STOP I was wanting to see if it was supposed to say Whirlaway or not? And if yes is this one Pre-Whirlaway. In my search I did find out that they moved the company and stopped making them in Lexington, so I know it is a early one. Any further History and Facts on this rod and reel will be very appreciated.

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