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Posted by Mel Musikov ( on May 09, 2005 at 10:55:41:

In Reply to: Great Lakes Imperial Whirlaway posted by mike on March 29, 2005 at 20:09:05:

Hi Mike it's Mel from S.Ontario, Canada.
You were asking about a Whirlaway.I don't know what type you have. Back in the 50's when l was a lot younger my dad bought me a Whirlaway Fishing Pole. The pole was approx. 5' long and white in color.At the base of the pole was the handle and behind the handle was a housing shaped like a bulb, green in color. Pole, handle & bulb were all one unit. It was closed face and the bulb held the reel mechanism. In order to cast, the line came out through the handle where you held your thumb on it, turned the crank handle backwards which opened the bale, made your cast, then cranked the handle forward and retrieved the line. The unit did come apart to make repairs and to change the line.
The name Whirlaway was on the pole but l'm sorry l cannot remember the company that made it.
I've only seen one since and that was about
6yrs. ago at a garage sale and l should have bought it. It's bulb was a brownish beige in color.
Hope this enlighten's you on the original Whirlaway pole
Hope to hear from You,
Mel Musikov

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