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Posted by Ray DeLooze ( on December 03, 2005 at 07:21:45:

In Reply to: Lew's - Ryobi question posted by Jim L on March 19, 2005 at 17:48:43:

The AD 5000V and the BB1N are the same except for the main drive gear, the level wind and the Pinion gear. The BB1N was 4.3 :: 1 Gear ration and the Ryobi was 5.1 :: 1 gear ratio..I have several BB1N 's that I converted to 4.3 ratio by changing the parts I mentioned.. There was also a difference in that the level wind paw was a ceramic (zirconia) in the Lews. There were also 2 different virsions of the BB1N originally the Lews was made by Shimano and had a drag plate on and set into both sides of the main drag gear. When Ryobi started building the reels, after the V-spool debackle with Shimano and Lews,.. Ryobi also used this design and then quickly changed it to the single sided drag on the outside of the main drive gear. So Ryobi made the entire BB line of Lews reels BB1N, BB1L, BB1M, BB1LM, BB2N, BB1LE until Lews bought the patten rights and manufacturing rights in 1987. Soon after in Feb 1988 Lews was seized in a debt dispute and went into Bankrupty. This held until Browning bought up the rights from the court and the people in Germany who had loaned money to Lews to build a new factory to build the rods in the states once again. I believe the date was 1990 . Then in October of 2000 AMF was in negotiations with Browning to buy the Lews name and the original sining date was to be Oct 20 of that year...but the actual singing was not for another 10 months.

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