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Posted by FritzL ( on March 11, 2003 at 06:22:20:

In Reply to: Fishfinder posted by DonB on February 25, 2003 at 13:52:30:

No, comparable vintage bottom-of-the-line fish finder models are not as good as the Eagle models, but the newer budget-based models can be as good as Eagle high-end models over 5 years old. The only real difference between the old Eagles & cheap-o brands is that you're apt to read air bubbles & very localized (from 1" to 2') temperature inversions of 3 or more.

The reason that the new transducers cost as much as new budget graphs is that you're looking at good transducers where the budget graphs use budget (cheaper & weaker) transducers. If you want to keep your Eagle, then spend the money on the transducer, but if you're willing to replace your old graph with a new one, then go ahead & get the Kmart/Wal-Mart graphs on sale.

I, myself, would rather keep my old Eagle Magna II than replace it with a budget-basement fish finder simply because I'm very familiar with the unit's operation, layout & menu even if it has difficulty differentiating between fish, air & thermal pockets as well as accurately reading the depth when I'm in water deeper than 90' or moving in 3' or greater swells.

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