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Posted by Tyler Brown ( on May 14, 2003 at 14:11:34:

I just wanted to tell everyone that there is a new bait company out that is mostly on the east coast. They are a company by the name of Kid Lizard. I am trying to get the word out around the west coast about this new company. A buddy an I are representing the California section of this company. They currently are marketing a new jig trailer called the Huffer, it is a nice bait and has a lot of action. They market a number of other products also. You can take a look at the Huffer and other products at If you have any questions just ask me or contact the company. Tell them Tyler Brown referred you. If you are interested e-mail me or post so I know if there is going to be any interest. Also if you order baits there is a prostaff list and you put the name of the person that referred you, (Tyler Brown) Well like I said if you have any questions just post them or send to my e-mail at Thank you, Tyler Brown

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