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Posted by Rob Allen ( on June 21, 2003 at 07:34:01:

In Reply to: Bent crank handle Mitchell 300 posted by Ole' Joe on June 19, 2003 at 21:04:45:

: I just picked up a Mitchell 300 at a yard sale. Looks and works good - but the handle is bent to where it catches on the bail when open.
: Are there any secrets to straitening these out? Should I remove it from the reel first?
: Does it unscrew? Right or left thread?

: Thanks for any and all advise, Joe

To remove Mitchell 300 handle use the antireverse & unscrew by turning the handle backwards. There is a piece of felt inside that requires oiling periodically. If it is tight & you try to hold rotating head & unscrew handle there is a risk of breaking the gears. The bent handle is made of aluminum that is somewhat springy & fragile, I would not wrestle with it using locking pliers. Also do not think leaving it in a vise for days will accomplish much. Locate exactly where the bend is & place wood supports to either side then use a 3rd scrap of wood at the high spot & strike with a hammer. Go gently at first, increase the power of the hammer until the aluminum bends back. I have straightened many handles & can tell you hammering like this gives you much more control & a better chance of success. The handles are tapered it is important to only apply force at the bend.

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