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Posted by Bluewater Cowboy ( on July 05, 2003 at 21:30:52:

In Reply to: fishing on tue/07-8-03 posted by ozzy on July 05, 2003 at 20:33:21:

You're not giving any info for the location, so no one can really help in that regard. With your lack of punctuation, and the way you asked the question, I'm assuming you're fairly young - under 15?

What should you fish for?
What kind of fish do you like to eat? What's your fishing experience? Do you plan to catch-and-release / sport fish? Do you want to 'fight' the fish or just reel 'em in without much of a struggle? Do you want large fish, like big largemouth bass or stripers (2+ pounds), or small fish, like bluegill or crappie? How about 10 pound, 30" salmon caught 60' down in 120' of water?
It all depends on what you prefer.

What you fish with also depends on what you want to catch. You won't use a Rapala to go after catfish just like it's rare to catch a trout or largemouth with a worm.

There's no such thing as "wasting your time" when it comes to fishing, unless you're like I used to be as a lad - it's a waste if I didn't catch anything. The true fisherman is the one that goes fishing, not just to catch fish (that's a pleasant bonus), but to enjoy nature.

You can also go 'fishing' with nothing more than a pad of unlined paper and a pencil - you draw your experience. But if you want to try to catch 'dinner', and all you have is a hook, bobber & rod, then go out into your yard & hunt for worms (at night & with a flashlight) and then go fishing with nothing more and enjoy your time out there.

Good luck,

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