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Posted by Bufod Carney ( on July 06, 2003 at 05:08:33:

In Reply to: Re: Mitchell 302 handle posted by Rob Allen on April 03, 2003 at 22:42:52:

: : : : I need a handle for a Mitchell 302. I think a 302, 306, 402 and 906 are all interchangeable

: : : Might be able to help you out with a handle for your Mitchell 302. I collect Mitchells & have a fair number of spare parts. You're right, in that several different Mitchell handles will fit on a 302. Of course, to a collector there are several different vintage versions of handles that are correct for the different versions of the 302 over the nearly 30 years it was produced. It would help to know what you want. As a guide the common early handle is straight out of the hub piece w/smooth bullet shaped nut at rear. The common later style's handle rises at an angle from the hub & has a squared coarse grip nut at end. Both have black plastic torpedo knobs & are dull aluminum. The 402s went thru the similar changes, but are chrome over brass & have round plastic knobs. Let me know what you'd like. What went wrong w/your old handle?
: : Mine should have been made around 1975, from your descriptions it sounds like the second one you mentioned.The threaded part that goes into the nut broke when trying to remove the nut due to corrosion or galling.

: Yes, '75 is near the end it should have the later handle. Presume the nut that locks the handle in position froze on the threaded part of the handle. This is all to common a problem, if you keep this folding mechanism free it often loosens, if you overtighten it to stop it from loosening it often locks up & the small diameter aluminum can't take much abuse. This often corrodes from salt too. Two things: is your reel minty looking otherwise? Has your broken handle got a perfect plastic knob? Looking at my parts I have just 2 loose handles like this, one is fine to use but the nut is stuck, I would not try to loosen it, just use as locked in position. The other is loose if you must have folding, but, it has a split in the plastic knob. I ask about the condition of your broken handle because the good plastic knob could be useful. Even thought the screw that holds the knob on is often frozen, a good knob is useful, perhaps even to use on the 2nd handle I have. I ask about the condition of you reel because the 1st handle is in good condition w/knob scratched up a bit from rattling around. You can have the better handle for $10 & exchange for your broken handle, if your reel is minty & you want a matching minty handle I'll take one off another for sale reel for you for a couple of extra dollars.

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